What to do if you lose your car key


Many vehicles are now equipped with electronic chip anti-theft technology. Two-way communication is used between the key and the vehicle. According to whether the verification result of the electronic key ID is exactly the same as the key ID code in the vehicle anti-theft system, when the key ID verification is successful, the CAN communication Send a signal to the BCM to allow the engine to start, and only the key with the ID code registered in the BCM and ECM can start the engine.
The 4S shop registration key uses a special diagnostic computer and software. After all ignition keys are initialized, follow the steps to register the key ID code, and the auto parts city matching key may be copied to the new key by deciphering the password. There will be a difference.
For safety reasons, it is recommended to replace the mechanical lock cylinder of the whole car, so that the person who picks up the key cannot open your door.