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What if I lose my car keys?

Car keys are like home keys. Once lost, there will be more or less security risks, and it is not just as simple as matching another car key after it is lost. So, what can we do to ensure that our car won't be driven away by someone who picks up the keys? There are a lot of anti-theft details in the middle!

At present, the car keys of common models are generally divided into three types: the oldest pure mechanical key, remote control + mechanical key, and chip key.

mechanical key

Losing the mechanical key is the most convenient and the most troublesome. The convenience lies in the fact that the main key of the mechanical key and the spare key are exactly the same. Now, the trouble is that if someone picks up the lost key, it's easy enough to open the door and start the vehicle.

Anti-theft method: replace the whole car lock once and for all.

key with remote

In fact, the ordinary remote control key is a remote control + a mechanical key. If one of the remote controls is lost, you only need to take the spare remote control and the newly purchased remote control, and go to the 4S store to re-match the car with the car, and then the lost remote control will become invalid.

If the remote control and the mechanical key are lost together, it is not enough to just re-match the remote control, the person who finds the key can also use the mechanical key to open the door.

Anti-theft method: re-match the key and replace the mechanical lock.

Chip key

At present, there is a chip in the car key of many models, which is used for engine anti-theft. When the key is inserted into the lock hole and turned to the "ON" position, or the key of the model with keyless start function is in the car, the engine will "communicate" with the key. If the "code" on the chip is consistent with the pre-stored information in the anti-theft system, it can start engine.

If the chip key is lost, you can buy a new key, take the spare key and the new key, and go to the 4S store to re-match. At this time, the person who finds the key can only open the door with the mechanical key, but cannot start the engine. Of course, the solution once and for all is to change the mechanical lock.

Anti-theft method: re-match the key and replace the mechanical lock.

What if both keys are lost?

If it is a mechanical key, only the whole car lock can be replaced. For some remote control keys and chip keys, the key information can be found through the car VIN code, and then re-matched, but in most cases, the only way is to change the lock!

Do not change the one-key start without permission

The principle of one-key start of low-cost modification is to stick the chip on the engine, and the mechanical key is inserted in the car all the year round and is in the "ON" gear. The engine anti-theft system is useless, and it is extremely unsafe to lose the key at this time.

After the key is lost, whether it is re-issued or replaced with a new one, the cost is very high, and the common keys and spare keys of many models are different. The spare key cannot be used to match the new key, nor can you add or delete keys, so Losing the key is a very troublesome thing, everyone remember to keep the car key and don't cause trouble to yourself.