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The application field of the car GPS

1、 Vehicle dispatching(car GPS): uniformly manage and dispatch all vehicles in the control center to reduce idle driving and improve the effective utilization of vehicles and road resources;

2、 Anti theft and anti robbery(car GPS): it can query the vehicle location in real time through positioning to find the stolen vehicle in time, so as to avoid causing major economic losses. Moreover, the general GPS locator system is integrated with alarm function. When the driver encounters an emergency, he can immediately call the company or 110 for help at the first time;

3、 (car GPS)Data collection and management platform achieves the purpose of information sharing and cooperation by collecting the positioning information of all vehicles, uniformly processing and publishing it to relevant units or platforms;

4、 (car GPS)Video monitoring, by installing cameras and uploading the driver's photos to the server, can ensure that relevant personnel can be found quickly and timely in case of accidents or crimes, so as to ensure the personal and property safety of drivers.