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The composition parts of the car key

The system of the car key is mainly composed of transmitter and receiver.

Transmitter of the car key: it is composed of transmitting switch, transmitting antenna (key board), integrated circuit, etc. It contains identification code storage circuit and amplitude modulation circuit, and a button type lithium battery is installed on the opposite side of the circuit. The transmission frequency is selected according to the radio standard of the user country, and the transmission switch sends the signal every time the button is pressed.

Receiver of the car key: after the transmitter sends out the identification code using short wave modulation, it receives it through the short wave antenna of the vehicle, demodulates it by using the short wave high frequency amplification processor of the distributor into the electronic control unit of the receiver, and compares it with the identification code of the demodulated device; If the code is correct, enter the control circuit and make the actuator work.