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The basic structure of the car lock

The working principle of the car lock is to convert electric energy into mechanical energy, and use the motor to drive the gear to rotate to open and close the door. The basic composition is mainly composed of door lock switch, door lock actuator and door lock controller.

(1) Car lock switch: most central control door lock switches are composed of main switch and sub switch. The main switch is installed on the door next to the driver. The main switch can lock or open all doors of the whole vehicle; It is separately closed and installed on other doors, and one door can be controlled separately.

(2)Car lock actuator: the door lock actuator is controlled by the door lock controller to perform the locking and opening tasks of the door lock. There are three main structures: electromagnetic, DC motor and permanent magnet motor.

(3)Car lock controller: it is a control device that provides lock / open pulse current for the door lock actuator. It has the function of controlling the power on current direction of the actuator. At the same time, it has the function of timing in order to shorten the working time. According to its control principle, it can be divided into transistor type, capacitor type and speed sensing type.