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The classification of the car lock(1)

According to the technical principle, automobile anti-theft lock(car lock) can be basically divided into three categories: mechanical anti-theft lock, electronic anti-theft alarm lock and networked anti-theft (positioning and tracking) system. The complexity of lifting the mechanical lock can no longer meet the existing technology, and the electronic anti-theft alarm only makes up for the lost. There are disadvantages in the anti-theft measures that are not integrated into the engine control system. For example, if a circuit breaker is added to the power supply line of the ignition coil, it is easy to find the line to bypass the circuit breaker; Or power off the anti-theft device. The anti-theft measures integrated into the ECU, if the anti-theft state is not removed, the ECU will refuse to work, and the engine will certainly not start, which is safer and more reliable than the rear anti-theft system.

Electronic automobile anti-theft lock(car lock)
The electronic automobile anti-theft device can send out beeps, sirens, lights and other signals when thieves enter the car, which can scare off thieves and attract the attention of passers-by. There are many kinds of electronic anti-theft systems, which are specially equipped with a remote control. There are many such anti-theft products on the market, but very few have passed the technical test. The installation of electronic anti-theft devices needs to change the line and damage the original vehicle circuit. If the vehicle has a spontaneous combustion accident, some insurance companies will refuse to pay compensation according to the reasons for installing anti-theft devices by themselves, which has to be paid great attention to. In addition, the Signal Jammer on the market can interfere with most electronic anti-theft devices, making the car lock invalid.

Network car anti-theft lock(car lock)
Network car anti-theft device, namely GPS, uses satellite positioning system to monitor the car. The principle is to input the vehicle information into the telephone card and install it in the GPS locator, and then install it in the hidden position in the vehicle, so as to monitor the position of the vehicle in the whole process. If the car is stolen, the owner can exchange information through the SIM card to know the specific location. At the same time, the GPS management terminal has good expansibility, and can realize remote oil cut-off, information feedback query, etc. With different functions and different prices, GPS anti-theft is more intelligent and active than electronic anti-theft device.
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