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System composition of car alarm

The most basic car alarm system generally consists of one or more sensors and an alarm connected to it. The simplest alarm system is to install a switch on the driver's door and wire it up, and if someone opens the door, the siren will sound.
Installing this car alarm system requires a switch, a few wires, and a siren. Most car alarm systems are much more complex than this. These alarm systems typically include: A set of sensors, including switches, pressure sensors, and motion detectors
A multi-tone siren from which you can choose a distinctive sound A radio receiver controlled wirelessly by a key fob
Backup battery, can ensure the normal operation of the alarm system even when the main battery is disconnected
The computer control unit, which is also the "brain" of the alarm system, can monitor the surrounding situation and issue an alarm.
The "brain" of many advanced alarm systems is actually a small computer. When the sensor detects an abnormality, the "brain" switches on the switch, activating an alarm device (i.e. horn, headlights or siren). different security
Different sensors are used throughout the system, and the way the sensors are connected to the controller is also different. Controllers and alarm systems are typically connected to the vehicle's main battery and are often equipped with a backup power source. If someone disconnects the main power source (like cutting the battery cable), this hidden backup power source steps in. If the power is cut, it is likely that someone is stealing the car, at which point the controller will activate and sound the alarm.