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What causes the car alarm to keep ringing

The car alarm is an essential thing in the car. You don't have to worry about it after a malfunction. You can check the cause yourself first.
1. The sensitivity of the anti-theft device is too high
The car anti-theft alarm is a multi-functional product, which can not only alarm theft, but also remotely start the trunk, open and close the door, open and close the window, start the engine, and lock the engine. The car alarm keeps ringing, it may be that the sensitivity of the anti-theft alarm is too high, causing the device to alarm when it feels a little vibration.

2. Main control door grounding wire fault

In addition to the cause of too high sensitivity, it is also possible that a line fault has occurred. A car alarm is an alarm device installed on a car. If someone hits, bumps or moves the car, the sensor sends a signal to the controller indicating the strength of the shock. Depending on the intensity of the vibration, the controller will issue a warning or a full alarm.

3. The engine cover is too high to be pressed down