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Basic Features of Car GPS Tracker


Car positioning tracker, also known as GPS tracker, is mainly a car anti-theft GPS positioning product

SMS location:

Directly use the mobile phone or PHS to send the SMS "G password" to the device card number, the device will automatically determine whether the user is authorized, and automatically reply the current location information and status to the user's mobile phone by text message.
Timing positioning:
The device can regularly report the current location information of the device according to the preset time of the user.
Overspeed alarm: When the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed, an alarm sound will be issued.
Network query:
By accessing the "Eye of the Sky" system, it is possible to track the current state of the vehicle as well as track playback over a set period of time.
Power supply monitoring: Mainly based on vehicle power supply, supplemented by backup lithium battery power supply, when the main power supply is cut off, the user will be reminded by text message, and the backup power supply will be automatically activated.
One-click alarm: in an emergency, the emergency alarm button is pressed for 3 seconds, and the device will automatically send a text message and make a call to the authorized preset number to get help.
Remote monitoring:
The authorized number can dial the device number at any time to monitor the sound around the vehicle in real time.
Remote defense: remote defense and release through millions of groups of password levels.
Remote lock the car:
Sending a command to disconnect the oil circuit/circuit of the vehicle to the device through a mobile phone text message can control the oil circuit and circuit of the vehicle to achieve the purpose of locking the car.