Product Description

What is Xhorse Condor XC-009?

Highlights of Condor XC-009
The screen clearly shows the battery level for your convenience.
The space between 2 clamps is 95mm, which is able to cut keys without detaching the key fob.
A special structure is designed for users to easier complete the lateral cutting feed. Just unscrew and turn the small concealed handwheel to control the clamp sliding table to go left or right.
The LED light is ideal for checking key cutting status clearly, and also ensuring the regular works in the dark.
Adjust the Micro-adjust slide to align the cutter with key cutting guide. Equipped with the micro-adjustable guiding device to guarantee precision cutting.
Ergonomic lifting handle, smooth and effortless. Its best ergonomic solution often helps users improve productivity. By its excellent design to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions, the key cutting works become more efficient.
Small volume, light weight, easy to carry. A perfect tool for small shops, vans, and outdoor services.
Super Long Endurance Ability: Built-in lithium battery-powered (should cut dozens of keys per charge). 60-100 keys cut in one charge