Product Description

Digiprog 3 programmer tool V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 for multi-Cars

"Digiprog3 OBD Version With OBD Cable ST01 ST04 Multi-Language Digiprog iii

1. This is for Digiprog III with OBD2 cable, not whole set ,it does not included cable full set.
2.It has Normal version and FTDI FT232BL&93C46 Chip version,please choose the one you need .
3. US Plug and EU Plug Optional.

Digiprog Model list:
forAlfa 145 Programming via Chip
forAl a 146 Programming via Chip
forAlfa 147/Chip86 Programming via Chip
forAlfa 156 M2002 Programming Via Micro
forAlfa 156HC11 Programming via Chip
forAlfa 164 Only in our Office
forAlfa 166 Model 2002 Programming Via Micro
forAlfa 166HC11 Programming Via Micro
forAlfa 166M 2002 Programming via Chip
forAlfa Spider / GTV Only in our Office
forAston Martin DB7 Programming Via Micro
forAston Martin DB9 Program via cluster
forAston Martin Gallardo Programming Via Chip
forAston Martin Vanquish Programming Via Micro
forAston Martin Zagato Programming Via Micro
forAudi A2/3/4/6 VDO 07/01 Diagnostic
forAudi A2/3/4/6 VDO 07/01- Diagnostic
forAudi A3 A8 2003 on Service & Navigation Diagnostic
forAudi A3 to 06/01 Diagnosis
forAudi A3 UKNSI Programmind Via Chip
forAudi A8 / S8 up 02/99 Programming via Chip
forAudi A8 24C16 Chip Programming via Chip
forAudi A8 to 01/99 Diagnosis
forAudi A8 VDO 2002 Programming via chip
forAudi Audi A3/ A6/ A8 2006 on Diagnostic
forAudi Jaeger/Magneti Marelli up 04/99 Diagnosis
forAudi Magnetti Marelli All models Diagnostic
forAudi MM 4/99 Diagnosis
forAudi MM4/99 HC12 Programming Via Micro
forAudi TT Diagnosis
forBentley FORContinental GT 2003 / Diagnostic
forBentley Continetal Program Via Chip
forBMW 3 Series E46 2000 35080 Chip Programming Via chip
forBMW 3 Series E46 Bosch 35080 Programming via chip
forBMW 3er / Compact / Z3 Cluster-Diagnosis
forBMW 3er / Compact / Z3 up 98 Cluster-Diagnosis
forBMW 3er / E36 Diagnosis
forBMW 3er / E36 Modell 99 Cluster-Diagnosis
forBMW 3er / E46 1999/2000 Diagnostic
forBMW 3er / E46 Lightmodule HC11 Programming via Chip
forBMW 5er / E34 Programming via Chip
forBMW 5er / E39 up 05/99 Programming via Chip
forBMW 5er / E39 with BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
forBMW 5er / E39 without BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
forBMW 7er / E32 Programming via Chip
forBMW 7er / E38 (SW 12/13) up 05/99 Cluster-Diagnosis
forBMW 7er / E38 (SW 14) up 05/99 Programming via Chip
forBMW 7er / E38 to 04/99 Diagnosis
forBMW 7er up 10/01 Only in our Office / In progress
forBMW 8er / E31 Diagnosis
forBMW All CAS Units Send to office
forBMW E39 LCM Diagnostic
forBMW E39 Light Module All models Diagnostic
forBMW E46 2001/ Light Module HC12 Diagnostic
forBMW E46 2003/ Light Module HC12S Diagnostic
forBMW E46 LCM Diagnostic
forBMW E50 5 Series 2004 Diagnostic
forBMW E60 & E65 E90 2004 2007 CAS Diagnostic
forBMW F650GS Programming Via Chip
forBMW Key Module & LCM all models Progarmming Via EWS
forBMW Still R70 Programming Via Chip
forBMW X3 Programming Via Chip & EWS LCM Diag
forBMW X3 LCM Diagnostic
forBMW X5 (SW 14 High) Programming via Chip
forBMW X5 EWS & Key Programming Via EWS
forBMW X5 LCM Diagnostic
forBMW X5 Light module Diagnostic
forBMW X5 Light module HS12 Diagnostic
forBMW Z4 Programming Via Chip
forBMW Z8 Programming via Chip
forCagiva Raptor 1000 Programming Via Chip
forChevrolet Avalanche Programming Via Micro
forChevrolet Balzer Programming Via chip
forChevrolet Corvette Programing Via Chip
forChevrolet Corvette Programming Via chip
forChevroletTahoe Programming Via chip
forChevroletTrail Blazer 95020 Programming Via chip
forChrysler 300 HC12 Programming Via Micro
forChrysler 300M Programming via Chip
forChrysler All Models Diagnostic
forChrysler Cherokee Modell 2002 Diagnostic
forChrysler Cherokee to Chip 56 Programming via Chip
forChrysler Crossfire Diagnostic
forChrysler Grand Cherokee 04/99 Diagnostic
forChrysler Grand Cherokee C86 Program via chip
forChrysler Grand Cherokee HC12 Diagnostic
forChrysler Grand Cherokee to 03/99 Diagnosis
forChrysler Le Baron Only in our Office / In progress
forChrysler Neon HC12 Programming via Chip
forChrysler PT Cruiser HC12 Diagnostic
forChrysler PT Cruiser to HC11 Diagnoctic
forChrysler Seebring HC12 Programming via Cluster
forChrysler Stratus Diagnosis
forChrysler Voyager Modell 2002 HC12 Cluster-Diagnosis
forChrysler Voyager to Bj. 2001 Diagnosis
forChrysler Wrangler Programming via Chip
forChrysler Wrangler HC11 Programming via Micro
forCitreon C3 Programming Via Tacho & Box
forCitreon C5 Programming Via Box & Cluster
forCitreon C5 2003 Programming Via chips
forCitreon C8 Programming Via Tacho & BSI
forCitreon New Saxo Diagnostic
forCitreon Picasso NEC Tacho & Box Via Micro & Chip
forCitreon Relay Van Chip 95040 Programming Via Chip
forCitreon Xsara 2000/2002 NEC Programming Via Chips BSI & Tacho
forCitroen Belingo 2003/2004 Programming Via cluster & BSI
forCitroen Belingo HC08 Tacho Programming Via Micro
forCitroen C3 Programming Via Chip
forCitroen C5 New software Programming Via Cluster & BCM
forCitroen C8 Programming Via Tacho & BSI
forCitroen Evasion Programming via Chip