Lishi Picks

This Lishi Picks 2-in-1 tool is well-constructed, well-made, easy to carry, quick to use, and easy to understand. Each tool has undergone strict quality inspection. Through the analysis of a large number of car locks and developed based on Li's unlocking principle, accurate positioning can be used to see the action of each shrapnel. Through the test, it can clearly show whether the resistance shrapnel is released on the scale plate of the two-in-one tool . The part inside the keyhole is made in strict accordance with the size of the key, making full use of the space of the keyhole and inserting it into the lock cylinder like a key. In this way, the purpose of being effective, uniform and easy to control can be achieved when a rotational external force is applied to the lock cylinder. One end of the crowbar inserted in it can move the shrapnel inside the lock cylinder, and the pointer at the other end accurately indicates the position of the shrapnel on the external scale plate, which moves the small problems in the lock cylinder to the outside for magnification. During use, the user can accurately pry any shrapnel in the lock cylinder, and can judge the state of any shrapnel. After unlocking, the number of each tooth shrapnel can also be measured, which can achieve the purpose of making a key without disassembling the lock.
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