Product Description

2G Vehicle GPS Tracker


Gps+Lbs+Agps Location Car Anti-Theft Real-Time Tracking Device Vehicle Gps Tracker Feature:
1.Support Internet Network data transmission;
2.Supports remote operation of mobile phone. Function: recording, Sound monitoring, GPS track, machine state, restart, etc;
3.Support GPS and LBS (location based service) double tracking system, improve the accuracy of position;
4.Multiple functions of security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, alarm systems and management as a whole;
5.Handheld and vehicle target. Used extensively for vehicle, person and other moving objects

Product Type: Vehicle GPS Tracker

Locating Mode: GPS+LBS+AGPS
Size: 102*51*14.3mm
Built-in Battery: 200mAh
Operation Voltage: 12V-36V
Main Advantage:
>Real-time tracking by SMS/APP/PC
>Ignition status detection
>Power cut alarm with built-in battery
>Remote Voice Monitoring
>Over-speed/Geo-fence Alarm
>History Trace Playback
>Remotely control cut off/restore fuel
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