Popular science class: car keys


"What are the types of car keys?

1. Ordinary mechanical key, this is the most primitive mechanical anti-theft system.
It is a key commonly used in some low-end cars. The only anti-theft barrier for mechanical anti-theft is the car lock, which is similar to the door key. As long as the key can open the door, the engine can be started.

After the key is lost, as long as the spare key can be found, it can be re-matched. Buy key embryos, slot them, and small stalls along the road that accompany the keys can do this. Although the newly slotted key can be used, the lost key can also open the door and start the engine, which is a great safety hazard.

2. Electronic key, electronic anti-theft system
The so-called electronic anti-theft, in short, is to add electronic identification to the car lock and add a remote control technology to it. The remote control unlocks and the mechanical key starts the engine. When the remote control rushes to open the door, the car will have an alarm prompt. Some of these anti-theft systems are original configuration, and some are retrofitted. It is equivalent to saying that this type of key has a central control lock in the car.

What should I do if these keys are lost?

The method is similar to the mechanical key, find a spare key, buy a key match, slot it, buy a remote control, and match it again. It is worth noting that when the remote control is matched, both remote controls must be present and must be matched at the same time, otherwise if only one remote control is matched, the other remote control will not work. Similarly, after matching, the lost remote control cannot open the door, but the lost key can force open the door and start the engine. There are also security risks. If both keys are lost and there is no spare key, the only option is to replace the locks.

3. Chip key, chip anti-theft system
It is an anti-theft method that has developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology. The chip anti-theft system not only has mechanical anti-theft, electronic anti-theft, but also has an engine anti-theft. This anti-theft system adds a chip inside the key and a signal receiver inside the ignition switch. If the two signals match, the engine can be started. On the contrary, the engine will not only be unable to start, but will also lock itself. Basically, Many cars are produced with a chip-type anti-theft system.

After this type of key is lost, the method is similar, find a spare key, slot it, buy a remote control, and rematch. It's just that the matching here is not only the remote control matching, but also the recoding of the key chip. Matching still requires two keys at the same time. After matching, the lost key can still be forced to open the door, but the engine cannot be started. If both keys are lost and there is no spare key, the only option is to replace the entire lock. However, there are also some high-end cars that have used the car VIN code to retrieve the car key information, and there is a possibility of re-matching. But even if it is matched, it is recommended to replace the whole car lock for safety reasons."

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