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The usage of the car GPS

Vehicle tracking(car GPS)
The actual position of the vehicle can be displayed in real time by using GPS and electronic map, and can be enlarged, reduced, restored and changed arbitrarily; It can move with the target to keep the target on the screen all the time; It can also track multiple windows, multiple vehicles and multiple screens at the same time. This function can be used to track and transport important vehicles and goods.

Route planning and navigation(car GPS)
Providing travel route planning is an important auxiliary function of vehicle navigation system, which includes automatic route planning and manual route design. Automatic route planning is that the driver determines the starting point and destination, and the computer software automatically designs the best driving route according to the requirements, including the calculation of the fastest route, the simplest route and the route with the least times of passing through the expressway section. Manual route design is that the driver designs the starting point, ending point and passing point according to his own destination, and automatically establishes the route library. After the route planning is completed, the display can display the design route on the electronic map, and display the vehicle operation path and operation method at the same time.