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The main function of the GPS tracker

Information Service of the GPS tracker
Provide users with ZC main objects, such as tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals and other databases, and users can display their location on the electronic map. At the same time, the monitoring center can use the monitoring console to query the location of any target in the area, and the vehicle information will be displayed on the electronic map of the control center in digital form.

Traffic command of the GPS tracker
The command center can monitor the operation status of vehicles in the area and reasonably dispatch the monitored vehicles. The command center can also communicate with the tracked target at any time for management.

Emergency aid of the GPS tracker
The GPS positioning and monitoring management system can provide emergency assistance to vehicles in danger or accident. The electronic map of the monitoring station displays the help information and alarm objectives, plans the optimal assistance scheme, and reminds the personnel on duty of emergency treatment with alarm sound and light.